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Get published with Wykee Space

We’re looking for great games/apps, and great people to work with.
If you have a game/apps (not an idea) you feel fits with Wykee Space, please get in touch.

If your game is already released please provide

  • Company details (name, homepage, country, size)
  • Game/App name
  • Main platform/s
  • Main business model (F2P, premium)
  • A link to your game/app
  • An outline of your game/app (2 page maximum)
  • Your current retention metrics
  • If your game/app is not finished please provide

  • Company details (Name, Homepage, Country, Size)
  • Game/App name
  • Main platform/s
  • Main business model (F2P, premium)
  • Stage of development (prototype, release ready, etc.)
  • Outline of your game/app proposal, including images or video if appropriate (2 page maximum)

  • We will get back to you within 15 days. If we think your game/app could be published by Wykee Space, we will invite you to provide further information. We do not disclose any information provided by you to any third parties.

        A few notes on submissions

    • Please do not send us your game ideas - game ideas alone will not be considered by anyone at Wykee Space and any information you provide will be destroyed without being seen. Same goes for incomplete game/app submissions.
    • Please be aware if you want to talk further about your game/app, the next thing we will want to see is documented evidence you own or control all rights in your game/app (including copyright). Accordingly it is a good idea to get those things in order first.
    • Finally, please note that as a game & app development studio as well as a publisher, we are actively involved in the development of our own games/app, and are exposed to many others in various stages. It is highly likely that by coincidence and completely independently, we will have seen, or are possibly even working on, a game/app that shares similar features to your own. By submitting, you acknowledge that any game developed or released by Wykee Space that is coincidentally similar to (but not, in whole or in part, based upon) your own does not give rise to a claim of copyright infringement.